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Frontiers to launch a Management Information Base (MIB) display unit, “HD i500”
- To be demonstrated at the Fiber Optics Expo (FOE2010) -

Tokyo – 19, January, 2010– Frontiers Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Tango, “Frontiers”), a pioneer in IP transport technology for high-definition video, will start the sales of “HD i500,” a compact monitoring tool that displays and stores the Management Information Base (MIB) of communication lines and equipment.

The HD i500 is a compact MIB display and storage unit, which is 18.5cm wide, 20.0cm long and 3.5cm high and weighs only 1.5kg. Its compact size was enabled by focusing the design on display/storage of MIB and event log from general-purpose equipment and on alert functions. Another key advantage of HD i500 is that it is capable of independently monitoring the network conditions without using servers. Furthermore, the Linux-based HD i500 can be customized extensively by implementing application software.

Since HD i500 is compact and can be easily installed in networks, it will serve as an ideal analysis tool not only for corporate network analysis, but also for on-site evaluation and analysis during field work or network faults, and for mobile work environments.

For instance, it is important to monitor the quality of the lines in video transport over IP networks. By installing the HD i500 on the IP network, Management Information Base (MIB) of network equipment such as video gateways and routers can be displayed and stored.


Key functions of HD i500

  1. Display and storage of MIB of network equipment Management Information Base (MIB) of network equipment can be displayed and stored. Stored information can be downloaded via USB memory or the network. Contents to be displayed can be preset.
  2. Monitoring of network equipment Network condition (normal/mild fault/severe fault) can be displayed by presetting the threshold values for the information to be monitored.
  3. Display and storage of event log Event information is displayed and stored with time stamps.
  4. Alarm notification by e-mail Alarm notification is transmitted to preset e-mail addresses.
  5. Indicator light interface Lamp and audible alarm can be provided by connecting an indicator light.


At the Fiber Optics Expo (FOE2010), which will be held January 20-22 at the Tokyo Big Sight, Frontiers will perform a demonstration of network monitoring using the HD i500 in a simulated video-over-IP link. HD i500 to be used with video gateways will be priced at 600,000 yen per unit. Frontiers will start accepting orders during the FOE2010 show. Functions of the HD i500 also include patent-pending technologies.

About Frontiers Co., Ltd.
Frontiers Co., Ltd. is a professional integrator of video transport technology that offers innovative solutions to broadcast and communications operators by combining broadcast-quality video transport equipment, fiber-optic products, broadband lines, etc. which are best suited to each layer. In the area of HD IP transport, Frontiers is particularly focusing on the global development and supply of state-of-the-art IP transport equipment for broadcast-quality video. For details about Frontiers, please visit:


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