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Aspiring to be a leading company in high-definition video transport

Frontiers Co., Ltd., which started business in Sagamihara in 1996, has been delivering Japan’s first technologies and products to the Japanese market, under the slogan of “To be a true innovator who operates the “business of turning 0 into 1” in cutting-edge technological fields (Frontiers) that contribute to creating a better society.” Frontiers mainly develops, manufactures and sells specialized video transport equipment for optical communications and IP technology. Our solutions have already been widely employed in international events such as the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics and the EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan. Frontiers is looking to the day in the near future when Frontiers’ solutions originating in Japan are used in every high-definition real-time video transport around the globe.

Development and sales of IP transport equipment

Focusing on the keywords [IP], [Real-time] and [High Vision], Frontiers has recognized the convenience, real-time nature and universality of IP communications and has been developing high-definition video-over-IP equipment for over 9 years. We offer a wide range of IP gateways and IP gateways equipped with internal CODEC, not only for broadcast and communications fields but also for applications using live video, such as video conference, remote medicine and remote education.

Broadband network construction service

Frontiers provides a total solution for global optical communication networks up to gigabit levels, from consultation to network integration. Construction of a broadband network such as 100MB or 1GB will enable all contents (data, voice and video) to be used over the same network. Frontiers provides optimum solutions and optical components for construction of such networks.

Contents business

Frontiers provides broadband platforms for transporting high-definition video contents in real-time over IP networks as well as appealing contents and e-learning contents. By providing platforms to support contents exchange as well as video transport equipment, Frontiers aims to capture the needs in the field and the market and to expand the market for high-definition video transport.

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